Monday, August 4, 2014

The Year of Purging: Work Edition

Today was kind of a slow day at work. I was incredibly grateful since for the last month I have been working like a madman. Since I had the time, I was inspired to do some purging. After all, I have been (slowly but surely) purging things at home. Why not at work too? I know for a fact that there were papers in my bottom desk drawer that I have been there since I was an intern two years ago. I figured it was time to free up some of that space. Plus, the top of my desk was starting to spill over onto the desk adjacent.
My desk was looking something akin to Denis Nedry's.
I wish I had some after pictures. I sent at least 20 pounds of paper to the shredder and cleaned everything off the top of my desk except for some papers that needed immediate attention. I even made hanging file folders for the papers I wanted to keep and manilla folders for each of my current clients.

It's amazing how much better I feel without all that "stuff" junking up my space! It's definitely inspired me to keep up the cleaning.

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