Monday, January 25, 2016

I'm Back

I didn't make any big announcements about it but for the last two weeks I have been in the States on a brief furlough. Because my visit was so short I decided to keep it on the down low and focus on trying to see family.

Visiting my grandmother and grandfather.
I was able to celebrate Christmas with my family and spend a week with my nephew (who just turned 1) and sister-in-law.
Dinner with some of my family.
I also did some "housekeeping" type things like going to the dentist and taking a continuing education class.
My nephew reading his Romanian children's Bible that I got him for his birthday.
It was truly a blessing to be able to go back to the States for a visit. Typically we have to wait a whole year before we get any furlough but, because I came in July and the summer is our busiest time of year, I probably wouldn't have gotten to come home for almost 18 months. Thankfully I have a very understanding boss who allowed me to have a short little visit with my family.
My mom, me, and my aunt Becky at the University of Georgia gymnastics meet in Athens, GA.
I arrived back here in Romania earlier today and have been unpacking and trying to get my body adjusted back to this time zone. I took a nap earlier today which typically would be a big no-no but I kept it short and during a time when I would normally nap anyways.
Lounging with my parents' dog, Luke. I miss having a pet!
Tomorrow I jump into planning for play therapy sessions and helping with Character Classes and Youth Group again!
Me and my dad at the College Football Hall of Fame.

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