Thursday, August 30, 2018

May Update

May Update: Parties and Prep
May 2018
Party Time!
May was a month of celebration! Heather and I were able to take our most faithful attendees from the Junior Youth Group and Bible Class from Peris and the Voluntari Youth Group to church and then to our house for pizza, games, and s'mores. The kids had a great time and we love hanging out with them and having them experience worship at our church.
Prepping for Summer
This month we also amped up preparation for summer ministry. This year the theme is Aye Aye, Captain! The original curriculum idea came from Hume Lake camps and Heather and I spent the spring adapting it for our youth camps and younger kids day camps.
We are super excited that this year we will be hosting the youth camps at our house at Snagov! We will be having a four day overnight camp for the boys followed by a four day overnight camp for the girls. The kids will sleep in tents and Steven Perez, a former Heart to Heart staff member, will be the lead speaker. We are thrilled to see what God has in store for our youth!
Giving and Support Information
As many of you probably know, I am planning to extend my stay here in Romania past my initial three year commitment. I pray that you will prayerfully consider supporting my ministry in the years to come. If you are already giving there is no need to "recommit"; simply continue with your monthly giving plan as established. If you would like to begin supporting me, please use the link below to visit Heart to Heart's giving page and start your giving plan today!
Prayer and Praise
  • Praise the Lord for our interns who arrived this month. We appreciate so much their good work ethic, willingness to pitch in, and positive attitudes. They have breathed a breath of fresh air into our ministry.
  • Character Classes have finished for the year and the kids have shown improvement in being able to regulate their emotions and be more self-aware. In fact, on their post test, 42% of the kids showed an improvement over their pre-test scores! This seems to indicate that the kids are more self-aware, better able to control their emotions, more empathetic to others, and have better social relationships.
  • Life Skills sessions are going very well. Some of the kids who initially struggled to maintain attention for even 20 minutes are now participating in 45 minute sessions! And all the kids seem to be doing better at talking about how they are feeling and identifying coping skills they can use to help regulate their emotions.
Prayer Requests:
  • Summer ministry gets kicked off in just a few short weeks! Our first camp will be in Rosiori with the young kids there. There are still many things to prep and organize before we can head out but I am excited about how things are shaping up and pray that this will be our best summer yet.
  • The others interns as they arrive and the Reno and Wave teams as they come to help us.
  • Pray for our kids who are developing a deeper understanding and more personal relationships with Christ. They so often come under attack from Satan and we pray that they will be strengthened and stand firm in their faith.
  • Pray for the kids, directors, orphanage staff, and team members that we will be ministering to during camps. Pray that the kids will have open hearts and minds and that the words we speak will fall on fertile soil. Pray that the directors and orphanage staff will be cooperative and will work with us and that schedules will not get too crazy. Pray that the team members will have good attitudes and be willing to jump in and serve. And please pray for Heather and I as we lead the camps. Pray that we will have the wisdom needed to handle and problems or challenges as they come up, that we will take care of ourselves and will delegate tasks appropriately, and that we will create an atmosphere for God to work in the hearts of our kids.

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