Saturday, February 22, 2014

Counting my Blessings: Week 2

1. Spring weather this week! Praise the Lord!
2. Starting a new book (When Rain Hurts) on my Nook and loving it.
My Nook in the hand knit case I made for it. Kind of looks like Cookie Monster!
3. Getting to spend some girl time with my best friend and hearing how God is moving and working in her life.
4. Getting a huge shipment of new donations for Walking With Orphans!
5. A good therapy session with one of my clients. Some weeks can be up and down. This week was kind of "eh" for most of my clients but I felt like one in particular had a very therapeutic session this week. Pray for her as she transforms from her old brokenness into a new person.
6. Fridays! Man, sometimes the weekends are such a blessing! There is nothing better than reaching the finish line of a long week and being able to relax.
7. Hearing from my friend Talitha who is in Romania and being reminded of my boys and all the kids I love there. Sometimes these thoughts are bittersweet but the kids have been on my mind a lot recently and the thought of their faces brings me great joy :)
8. Supervision at work. It's nice to be reminded that we're in this together.
9. Getting back into my Bible study with a book about helping the poor and orphaned.
10. Bubble baths! I take one most nights and last night I sat in there for almost and hour just relaxing and reading. What a blessing!

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