Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Days: Round 2

Well, we got hit again this week with some serious winter weather.

These pictures were all taken on Wednesday. We got sleet and freezing rain on Tuesday night and things were mostly iced over Wednesday. Then Wednesday night we got some snow. Today (Thursday) things started to melt but it may get icy again over night. I've been off work since Tuesday (we were called off early in anticipation of the coming storm) but I'm reporting tomorrow. While I wish that I gotten at least one more day of work in this week I'm thankful that I'm in not in a position where some unexpected days off are detrimental to me.

So, what did I do on my time off? I starting knitting a sweater obviously.
 That's all hand dyed yarn that I've been saving for a special sweater, Colorido which was designed specifically for a charity knit. I've had this queued up for over 3 years and I dyed this yarn specifically for this sweater. I finally got off my bum, wound up the yarn, and got started. And after 2 days of working away...
I think I'm making some good progress. Most of my knits will go into my charity knitting pile and this one is no exception. I hope it will keep some child nice and warm. And hopefully the color combinations will help them feel cheerful as well.

I've also been chipping away at my 7 pages of Romanian homework but that's not very interesting to look at.

Hope that you stayed safe and warm over this last week and are careful as you head out over the next day or two!

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