Thursday, May 29, 2014

Almost Time

I've got some butterflies in my stomach. The reality is finally setting in...I'm going to be in Romania in a little over a week! It feels like I just left but I can't wait to be back. In the meantime I have so much to supplies, pack, get my car serviced, pack, wash clothes, pack, find my cameras and batteries, pack...did I mention that I need to pack? I'm going to have a lot of stuff to take between the goodies my mom bought for the kids, the ministry supplies I'm taking, and, oh yeah, my clothes. I can't wait though. Even if all I end up taking is a t-shirt and pair of shorts to get me through two weeks I'll be happy.

Be praying for me as I prep everything at work and home for my departure and attempt to buy $50 worth of over the counter pain meds and $100 worth of fabric's a strange, weird life I lead, I know. Pray also for our team and that we will get along. I'm going with a group from Reno, Nevada who I have worked with before. I'm the only "outsider" and, while I'm pretty sure we'll all get along fine, just pray that we all bond well. And, most importantly, pray for the kids. I really want to see my boys and spend more than a day with them (like I did post-Christmas). I also want to just continue to connect with these kids so that they will see God's love for them through me. Oh, and I do have an unspoken prayer request for myself. If you could lift it up to God for me I would appreciate it...He knows what it's about...

Ok, so...9 days left...maybe I should find my suitcase...

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