Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What Do You Say?

Today one of my younger clients asked me an honest and innocent question:

Do you have boys are girls?

Hmmm...how to answer that.

Be still my heart...
I have both but they don't live here with me. They live on the other side of the world. (The truth but very hard for a 6 year old to understand.)

I love that smile!
I don't have any kids. (According to the federal government this is the truth but try telling my heart that.)
My lovely pre-teens.
Yes...no...:::awkwardly changing the subject:: (Just weird...)
This one keeps me on my toes.
What did I tell her:

I have both.

And that was all. No lengthy explanation. Just the truth, straight from my heart.

This is by far the toughest question I get asked. Kids are more likely to just take what you tell them and go with it. Adults want proof. You've got kids? Where are their pictures? Why don't you have soccer gear in the back of your car? How many? No father? They seem a little old...how old are you exactly?

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't slap one of those stick figure families on the back of my car just to save time. That's like the suburban trophy of family-dom.

The life of the missionary mama...The struggle is real, ya'll.

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