Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Quick and Random Update

As promised here is a quick update:

1. My 31st birthday came and went without much note. I had just gotten back from Romania the week before and was still trying to adjust. Plus, my birthday fell on a Wednesday so there wasn't really any way to go out and do something in the middle of the week. I didn't plan a big outing like I did last year when I went on a wine tasting tour. We'll probably go out to dinner some time but nothing big.
Birthday balloons from my sister in law and my birthday sign at work.
2. My transition back to the real world went ok. I didn't come back to the huge storm of work that I was afraid of but it still hasn't been easy. My work is very high stress and with no one else in my department there is no way to delegate tasks. Unfortunately, that means that most days I just want to be left alone. My mind is still thousands of miles away and I wish I could be there at camp or at the beach with the kids in Romania.

3. Because I've been so dead tired all the time, my doctor ordered me to take have a sleep study to make sure I don't have sleep apnea. They now do these in home so last week I got a kit mailed to me.
My in home monitoring kit.
It's not as complicated as it looks, thankfully. I did the two night test and I should be getting my results soon.

4. Last weekend I went paddle boarding for my best friend Megan's birthday. Her birthday was at the beginning of May but we hadn't been able to do anything big (it's her 30th so you know we had to do it up. Afterwards, we went to Treehouse for lunch and then to Ri Ra to hear The Geeks play (they're an 80's and 90's cover band). I wish there were pictures of us paddle boarding because it was really enjoyable but, alas, this one from the internet will have to suffice.
This kind of looks like us...ok, it doesn't at all look like me and Megan.
5. Yesterday I ran the Peachtree Road Race. Megan ran too and she pushed me to keep running even when I thought I was going to die so we made good time but today I'm sore. I'm not upset that she pushed me...just that I feel so old sometimes. Today I'm off to "rest" by painting trim at my brother's house.

That's everything for now! I'll try not to let too much more time pass in between posts.

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