Saturday, September 20, 2014


I had good intentions...really I did. I wanted to finish telling you about the 2-3 days of crazypantsness that my family (in particularly my mom and I) experienced. But then life went on in it's usual craziness (which is different than crazypants craziness) and, honestly, I forgot about what happened. I know there was a pit bull that almost attacked us on a walk (I did a lot of yelling in that incident) and another incident that I can't recall...maybe it was the carpet cleaner breaking, or blowing a fuse while we cleaned the carpets, or...well, who knows...

So, yes, I forgot my story...let's just all move along now, shall we?

This weekend my best friend scored some awesome tickets to the UGA vs. Troy game.

View of the field from our seats.
The two of us plus my friend's brother and a mutual friend of theirs, enjoyed watching UGA romp Troy all afternoon. The final score was 66-0. I have never seen a total shutout before. In fact, I'm not sure that Mark Richt (UGA's current head coach) has ever allowed a shutout before. I don't think he likes to run the score up on teams like that. It's not really "nice" to run your opponent into the ground just because you can and Richt is about integrity. The crazy thing was, I don't think UGA was trying to run up the score. I just think Troy was having some serious issues getting it together on the field.
Regardless, it was a fun day and a win is a win. I'll take it.
Halftime with the Redcoat Band.
Megan and I on a little side trip to the upper decks.

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