Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy Birthdays

This weekend we had a birthday celebration for Ruthie. She's one of the Heart to Heart "grandkids" and she was turning 5.
Ruthie with some friends from church.
Ruthie and Emi
There was an Olaf pinata to go with the party theme of "Frozen".
Ruthie opening her gifts.
Happy birthday, Ruthie!
We have also been celebrating birthdays at the orphanages with the kids who have birthdays during the last month.

I love parties and get-togethers with Heart to Heart because it reminds me so much of the times I have been here in the past celebrating Christmas, New Year, and the end of the school year. It truly makes Heart to Heart feel like family. And I love being able to celebrate a special day with the kids at the orphanage, something they would normally miss out on. I'm already looking forward to celebrating more special occasions here in Romania!

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