Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Lesson in Life

Today I got schooled by God...not always a good thing. Let me begin back at this morning...

I woke up early because I had to go to the doctor to get blood drawn. My Sleep Cycle app confirmed my fears, I'd slept like crap last night.
Yep, quality at 45%. Sounds about right.
I got ready and left the house only 15 minutes later than I wanted. A quick stop at the doctor's and I was off to put gas in my car and then run by Wal-Mart and pick up some thank you notes I'd ordered.

I arrive at Wal-Mart at about 9:15 and head back to the photo center. The nice associate looks for my cards in the stack and can't find them. She apologizes and looks in a few more places. No cards. She goes to check the computer but the system is off line and she can't look up my order. I'm getting a little hacked because this isn't the first time this has happened (they've lost my order before). I thank the girl for her help and sulk out of the store.

The longer I think about this the more upset I get. So, I take to social media and blast Wal-Mart via Twitter. I correspond with two customer service people via Wal-Mart's Twitter feed and they send me an email address to contact them at. I jump on my computer tonight prepared to write a nice little snarky letter. As I'm typing my email I'm looking at the email that Wal-Mart sent with my confirmation. And then I see it: the address to the store. Instead of saying Centerville (where I stopped today and where I usually shop) it says Snellville. I hit the link and, sure enough, it takes me a map of the Wal-Mart across town from the one where I went this morning. I had gone to the wrong store.

I know when to admit that I'm wrong. I ate crow and posted a lame apology on Twitter. Whatever the customer service team at Wal-Mart has to say about me is totally justified. I was out of line. I spoke without thinking. I let my emotions run unchecked. It was wrong. And that was when the lesson hit me...I need to learn to check and double check before I get angry because, if I don't, my anger may not be justified. If Wal-Mart had really lost my order then I might have a reason to get upset. But when I'm an idiot and don't look at the store where I'm sending my order and then go to the wrong store for pick up, then my anger isn't justified and I have no one to blame but myself.

Also, I need better/more sleep so that I'm not so quick to grouch. But that's a secondary lesson.

If I end up on some Buzzfeed article next week I can't say I didn't deserve it.

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