Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sometimes a Shower Changes Everything

Today I am on vacation. And, I have to admit, it didn't exactly go like I thought it would. This is how things were *supposed* to go today:
  • Pick up mom, dad, and aunt from the airport very early.
  • Come home, grab breakfast and any last minute items, jump in the car, and leave for SAFF.
  • Arrive at SAFF, grab lunch, shop for a few hours.
  • Head out to bed and breakfast.
  • Stop off at grocery store for a few essentials for lunches and dinners.
  • Arrive at B&B and spend rest of day relaxing (possibly grabbing a nap if time allows).
How things actually went:
  • Wake up at 4:30 and immediately begin researching where to find the cell phone lot (because you have no idea where it is and need to go there in an hour).
  • Leave 15 minutes early in order to get gas for car.
  • Arrive at airport. Wait. Wait. Wait some more.
  • Pick up parents and aunt who are very tired (because they just came in on a flight from out west and their times are all screwed up).
  • Drive aunt home.
  • Drive parents home.
  • Get breakfast, put on make up, obsess over details of caring for high maintenance cat, pack car, and leave.
  • Be totally jazzed for your trip for the first hour and half.
  • Start to feel a little more tired and run down the closer you get to SAFF.
  • Park a half a mile away from the venue (not really but it felt like it), shake off any tiredness, head into show.
  • Get "lunch" (chilli cheese fries and a large Dr. Pepper) because blood sugar is kind of low.
  • Shop for an hour and half before you start to feel woozy (probably because "lunch" didn't help that blood sugar problem at all).
  • Make sure you run into an old friend when you are feeling half drunk and more than a little nauseous.
  • Try to carry on conversation with friend and pray that she doesn't think you are totally off your rocker.
  • Finish shopping after overspending.
  • Remind self that this is supposed to be an indulgence and to stop fretting about it.
  • Drive to B & B.
  • Get almost to B & B and realize that you need to stop at the grocery store and that one you passed like 5 miles ago was the one.
  • Go to "interesting" grocery store (it was reminiscent of Aldi...only more country).
  • On way back to B & B get call from host. She is in town and won't be there when you arrive but she walks you through how to find your room.
  • Arrive at B & B.
  • Come in to find family dog on couch (you knew he'd be around somewhere).
  • Dog begins to bark.
  • Since you have been assured that dog is harmless begin to approach dog, speaking softly.
  • Dog continues to bark.
  • Hold out hand so dog can smell it and you can become friends.
  • Dog bares teeth and looks like he might lunge.
  • Withdraw hand extra quick, yelp, and have small heart attack simultaneously.
  • Retreat to room.
  • Unpack car giving dog the side eye the whole time.
  • Try to lay down for a nap.
  • Other guest begins playing various instruments downstairs, directly under your room: piano, something that sounds like an auto harp, and a violin. None of these are executed with any finesse.
  • Give up on nap.
  • Have panic attack because you have been around people all day, you took some medicine that increases your chance of being anxious, you got snarled at by a dog, you have a headache, and you are tired as all get out.
  • Come down to make dinner.
  • Make peace with the dog.
  • Eat dinner.
  • Go to room and knit.
  • Start to feel very homesick and sad for yourself because the day hasn't really turned out all that well.
  • Think about going home.
  • Text best friend.
This, my friends, is when the day turned around. Why? My bestie told me to go for a walk. Forget about it. Forget about anyone else. Hit reset. And it hit me...that was exactly what I needed to do. Not take a walk per say, but hit the reset button. This could still be a nice vacation for me. Even if all I did was lay in bed because I was feeling under the weather. I mean look at this view from the window in my room:

I realized I was sitting around in my stinky thinking still (literally) reeking from the day. I needed to literally get clean so I could clear my mental slate. So I gathered up my toiletries, towel, and pajamas and headed to the shower. It totally helped. My head still hurts and I'm still really tired but I can head to bed now looking forward to the next few days of my vacation.

P.S. I am leaving out the part about where I tried to get the AC to work in my room and it was blasting hot air and I thought I was going to roast to death.

P.P.S. My host and her husband did eventually show up...just as I was getting out of the shower.

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