Sunday, July 26, 2015

Almost a Month

This week I will hit the 1 month mark since moving to Romania. I have done so much in this short period of time that I feel like I have been here for a year. The breakneck pace of the summer is starting to take it's toll on me and I'm feeling more run down at the end of the day but we're pushing through for 2 more weeks and then I may be able to take a little breather.

Not that going full speed is all bad. We have accomplished *a lot*. The Tween Camp this last week was a great success. We had two mornings of obstacle courses and team building activities and then a scavenger hunt in the park the last morning. Every afternoon was a chance for the kids to go swimming in the pool.
Morning lesson at Snagov.

Team building
Pool time

Making some crafts.
More pool time.

Our kids are totally fearless.
More team building.
Scavenger hunt in the park.
The kids had to find team members hidden all over and get something special from them.

I think they had a good time.
Thursday we had a day to hang out with the kids from Voluntari and just have a play day.
My sweet Albina (who is growing up way to fast).
The kids singing for us.
With my Elvis.
On Saturday we went to Peris and had a water day with the kids. A lot of the older ones will go to the local pond to swim but some of the younger (more rambunctious) ones end up having to stay behind. Haley, Talitha, and Jenna made some water balloons for them and then gave them bottles and let them go wild dousing the (willing) team members (read: not me).

After spending the day with the kids, Talitha and I went into the city to a meeting with some members from alphAOmega (the church with both attend). There was a missionary from the Philippines there speaking. She gave her whole speech in Romanian but I was able to get a lot of what she said which was a really good feeling. I stayed with Talitha at her house in Snagov (where we had camps earlier in the week) and we went to church together this morning. It was good to spend some time with my friend and someone else who understands the struggle of adjusting to life overseas (and who shares my first language!).

This week is Teen Camp with the kids from Voluntari and Peris. We have a new team here for the next two weeks so there is a little adjustment period for all of us. I'm hoping for another smooth week of camps and great time with the kids!

Prayer Requests/Praises:
  • Pray for our camp this week with the older teens.
  • Pray for my Iuli. He cut his foot during our water day and they were debating about giving him stitches. He's a trooper but I have definitely worried about him all weekend.
  • Continue to pray for my documents that have to be reviewed by the professional licensing board in Georgia. I still have not heard back from them yet but pray that I will be able to continue to pursue my license while living and working in Romania.
  • Pray for the staff and team members as we head into another busy week. We have been going non-stop since the beginning of July and we are all starting to feel it.
  • Praise God for allowing me to spend some time with my friend Talitha this weekend.
  • Praise God for allowing me to share a bit of my testimony with the kids last week.
  • Praise God for continuing to grow my relationships with the kids, the staff, and the team members.
  • Praise God that He answered some prayers for my family last week!

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