Thursday, July 9, 2015


Today was another day of camps with the kids. It started out pretty much like any other day with Bible stories, snacks, games, and singing. And then, as we usually do, we let the kids go swimming in the pool. As I was floating around on a pool noodle in the "apa mare" (deep end), I took a minute to look around. As I did I had an overwhelming sense of joy in my heart and I realized: I really love these kids.

I don't have a "special connection" with all of them. Some of them can't remember my name, have never met me, and/or call me by the wrong name on a fairly consistent basis. But I still love them.

I love them for being them. I love them for their smiles. I love them for their courage. I love them for using me as a floatation device (thus nearly drowning both of us in the process).

I love when they leap into our arms with confidence. I love when they light things on fire. I love when they kiss our cheeks. I love when they pinch our arms until they bruise. I love them when they are being good. I love them when they are being bad. I love them.

I love that I get the opportunity to work with these kids. To be a part of their lives. To be the parent that they need...even if just for a few minutes in the pool on a hot summer afternoon.

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