Thursday, July 2, 2015


I wrote this yesterday before I went to bed but the pictures wouldn't upload so I'm posting today.

It feels a little surreal, like I'm not really sure that this is happening to me...

Today is my 3rd official day living in Romania. Today I moved into the apartment that will be my home for 6 mo. It's so weird unpacking all my things in some place else and trying to come to grips with the fact that this is home now. There are so many unfamiliar things. I went to the grocery store today to buy breakfast items and I realized I don't even know all the types of yogurt they sell because I can't read the labels. It was a little intimidating.

Despite the occasional feeling of terror because I didn't understand a question someone just asked me I feel like my language skills are coming along. I wish that I could live in a little vacuum for awhile where it's just me and a few patient friends to walk me through everything. As an introvert in a totally new culture there is nothing more sweat inducing than walking into a tiny crowded grocery store and not even being sure of what type of yogurt you want for breakfast. Part of me just wants to take a few hours to wander silently around taking in all my surroundings.

It was good seeing the kids because that reminded me of why I'm here. They are really what grounds me. When I look at them then I forget about all the struggles I'm facing for just a little while.

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