Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stitch Fix(ed)

Time for my once a month check-in!

About a month ago one of my friends at work was telling me about an online shopping service she had signed up for called, Stitch Fix. I had heard of Stitch Fix and was actually pretty intrigued to see if she liked it. Well, my friend liked her Fix so much that she got another one of our friends to sign up for it. That friend brought her box into the office so that we could see what she got. Seeing the pieces in real life convinced me to sign up for myself. I went online, filled out my profile (including starting a Pinterest account just to pin outfit ideas...), and scheduled a Fix. In a few weeks my box had arrived and I set up a little fashion show for my mom and sister-in-law.

This is the first look and includes 3 of the 5 pieces in the box: cropped pants, a top, and a scarf. I never would have picked the pants for myself ("cropped" doesn't really seem like a good look for short people) but I put them on and I fell in love. They fit like a glove! I guess cropped does work for short people.
Here's another pic of the top and the pants (the color of the top is a little better in this pic). The top was super comfy and I loved the deep blue color. I also loved that it matched the scarf. The neckline was not something I would have thought would have looked good on me but it worked.
I liked the silky material that this geometric top was made out of. The sleeves and shoulder were a little tight but that's probably due to the fact that I'm a little on the muscular side in those areas. I would love to find a tank top that would pull out some of the other colors in this top (it's in shades of purple) to make it pop and to help make it a little more "work friendly."
The ladies at work really liked this top. It was super comfy and is made out of a silky material (printed part) and a jersey material (solid). This top and the geometric top were both right at $35 which is awesome for a boutique top!

In the end I decided to keep all the pieces. If I kept the first look (which I loved) I would have paid as much as if I had just kept the whole box (you get a 25% discount for keeping the whole box) so it just made sense. It's like I got two tops for free! I really like that the pieces can be dressed up or down and are good for work or going out with friends. My mom and sister-in-law were so impressed they both wanted to sign up for their own Fix! If you are the type that is averse to shopping (like me) but are looking for some cute new clothes I would highly suggest checking out Stitch Fix. And, if you use my referral code then I get some love too :)