Sunday, June 5, 2016


So, it has definitely been a hot minute since I last posted but I think the recent event I experienced warrants a break in the blog silence.

Friday I attended my very first Romanian high school graduation ceremony!
Both graduating classes from the technical high school in Branesti.
I have seen 10th grade completion ceremonies before but this was my first time seeing a 12th grade ceremony. There were four boys from Peris who graduated (there was also a girl, Oana, from Peris who graduated the same day but from a different high school).

Marin Dumitru
Marian Pana
Marian Stefan
Ionut Tudor
All our staff are incredibly proud of these boys. They were the first group to get to attend this high school. There were actually nine kids total but these four, plus Oana (who attended the other high school), were the only ones to complete the program and graduate. Peris only goes through 10th grade (and may only go through 8th grade starting soon) and this makes it difficult for the kids to get good jobs. With a 12th grade diploma these kids will have more opportunities open to them.

Marin and Marian Stefan have already signed themselves out of the orphanage (they can do this when they reach the age of 18) and are living with family. Marian Pana and Ionut will go back to the orphanage for the summer. We're hoping that all of these boys will decide to join our transition program in the fall. The transition program will teach them practical life skills to help them live on their own and help them get jobs and places to live.

Continue to pray for these boys as they start out on their own. Also pray that the kids at Peris will continue to have this opportunity open to them. There may be some directior changes at the orphanage soon and we're unsure of what the outcome may be and how it could affect our kids.
Praise God for His continued good work in our kids!