Monday, February 10, 2020

Holiday Fun, Family, and a Car Fire

January 2020 Update

What a month January was! Looking back I can't believe how busy I was. We finished up holiday activities with the kids here in Romania, I visited family and friends in America, did more wedding planning, and ended up back here in Romania to start my 2020 daily ministry schedule.

Just after the New Year we finished having holiday parties and handing out Christmas gifts with the team from America. I also got to go ice skating with the teens from Roiorii. I always enjoy celebrating the holidays with the kids and seeing the joy as they open their gifts and play holiday games.

I was also in America for two weeks right in the middle of January. I got to celebrate Christmas with my family, attend my 5 year old nephew's birthday party, go to two University of Georgia gymnastics meets, spend the night with my brother and his family, do a mental health therapist training, find my wedding dress, have lunch with a friend, and speak at two churches about my ministry. To say I was busy is an understatement!

Once I got back to Romania it was time to jump right back into ministry. I've started

having therapy sessions again and going to Roiorii to help with Character Classes in the apartments. Weekends are spent visiting the kids at Casa Lidia and Mia's Children.

We did have something surprising and a little scary happen to us. One day, after Heather and I arrived at the orphanage, our car caught on fire! Thankfully it was a small fire and we were able to get it put out. The car has since been repaired but we are thankful that it wasn't something worse. 

Family Ministry Update

Nicu and I would like to thank everyone who has been praying for us and who has donated financial support to us over the past month. We are still in the process of getting Nicu approved by the Heart to Heart board to become a full time staff member. Please pray that this process will move along quickly.

We are also still in need of financial support. Nicu has applied for his passport and will then apply for his visa to come to America this fall for training and to do more fundraising. We need to purchase a car and are looking at a small SUV type of vehicle that will can accommodate a growing family. We will also be starting the process to become a foster family as soon as we are married and will need money for trainings as well as for outfitting and possibly doing renovations on the house so that we can

take in kids.

We would initially like to raise at least an additional $3000 in monthly support. We will also need one time gift donations for things like renovations and a down payment on the car. If you would like to support us financially please click the link below. Be sure and indicate that you would like the funds to go to Melissa and Nicu Perghel. 

Random Romania

Just a random little fact about takes less than two weeks to get a passport here! You go to the passport office (in the mall), pay a tax at a little stand (at the other end of the mall), give a 10 minute interview, take your picture, and within 10 business days your passport is ready! The only drawback is that the passport office is only open during the week and only during normal workday hours so you have to take time off work to come in. Still an easier process than in the US! (And at a fraction of the cost...about $65.00) 

Prayer Requests and Praises

  • I had a very productive time in America and got a lot accomplished while I was there.
  • I arrived safely back in Romania and have been able to start back with daily ministry.

Prayer Requests:
  • I submitted my Registered Play Therapist application. Pray that it is accepted without any problems.
  • Pray that Nicu and I can get the financial support that we need and that his application will be accepted by the Heart to Heart board.