Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Make Up Your Mind

Dear Weather,

Please make up your mind and stick with it.


I guess I was sort of asking for it when I posted my praises of the warm spring weather in my most recent Counting my Blessings post. Today this what my weather app tells me we are in for:

What the heck?!?! 30 degrees! Seriously?!? Last week we were in the 70's.

Normally I wouldn't complain. Actually I like the fall. I love the feel and the smells of the season. However, I think there is something about that season (and winter as well) that triggers my anxiety. I don't know if it is due to an event (or several events) from my past that happened in the fall, causing me to associate fall with stress or danger. Maybe it's the shortening of days and the fact that I have to stay inside all the time (something you would think I love, seeing as how I'm an introvert). Maybe it's the actual temperature. All I know is that after a few days of nice weather my mood has improved tremendously. I've had some anxiety provoking moments but only one full blown panic attack in the last two months. And I was able to remind myself that feelings aren't facts and pull myself back together very quickly. It's not that things don't bother me, it's just that I feel I can deal with them so much better in the spring than I could in the fall.

This morning I realized that it really might be the temperature as I slept terribly last night, had a difficult time getting out of bed, and then was not in the mood to be talkative and sociable during breakfast. It's not that I was rude to anyone I just high tailed it out of the kitchen as politely as I could before I overstayed my welcome. I know when it's time to exit stage left.

For the rest of today I'll be bundled up hoping and praying that it gets warmer quickly. And maybe looking at property in the Bahamas...

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