Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back in the Swing of Things

I pretty much had to hit the ground running at work on Wednesday despite spending 20 hours traveling the day before. Thankfully the medical assistant who does my scheduling had only put down one new intake for me this week. I have a few kids on my caseload to go see but other than that it's just catching up on things that didn't get finished before I left. Still, there was no day off for me. I've exhausted my leave time and my personal days for the year so I'm waiting it out until February when I get some more time off. We do get MLK day off in a few weeks so that will be a nice opportunity to catch my breath again.

As usual there is always something going on with Walking With Orphans. We have to move our office to a storage unit this weekend since our landlord informed us a month ago he was kicking us out. I also need to finish logging the last donations of the year, file our taxes, and come up with some new system of tracking donations. And I need to figure out most of that before the end of this month so I don't get any further behind. Oh yes, and launch a (big) new campaign and update the website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

Personally I need to take some time to set some New Year's resolutions. Do you think "having more energy" is a reasonable one? I also need to set a new budget, restart my daily quiet time, and get back to my Romanian language lessons. I feel a huge desire to clean things and organize and yet there isn't the time right-this-second to take care of any of it. Oh...and I need to start studying for my licensure test which I will be taking some time this spring.

I really need a team of personal assistants. Any volunteers?

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