Monday, January 20, 2014

Lacking Motivation

I'm having serious issues with motivation right now. It's been building for a few months but I feel like we've reaching a new high (or low as the case may be). I think it's the winter doldrums or something like that.

I have no desire to work out any more (not that there was much motivation there to begin with).

The treadmill is not the enemy. The elliptical probably is.
I seriously need to take care of some stuff for Walking With Orphans. Like figuring out how many donations we took in last year. And how many we sent out. I need to send out tax deductible receipts to donors. I need to update the web page and plan out some twitter posts. I need to update the Facebook page too. There are pictures that need to go up and fundraisers to be organized. We have a fun run that needs to be planned, a bank account that needs to be opened, and t-shirt designs that need to be sent to a printer...once we find a printer we like, of course.

Oh nonprofit. I love you so. But why can't you magically run yourself?
 I need to finish editing the 600+ pictures I took in Romania and put those on Facebook. Oh and print some out and send to the kids. And Marian and Vic requested locks for their lockers so I need to get those...

I forgot something: I need to do a monthly newsletter for Walking With Orphans.

I need to find a Romanian tutor (yeah right...good luck with that...nearly impossible). I need to tithe. I need to renew my APA membership. Holy cow I need to study for the NCE! Wait...I need to register for it first. And figure out how many years of supervision I need before I can get fully licensed.

Let's not talk about laundry. Or how scraggly the cat looks. Or how badly my sheets need to be washed. And then there are the shoes that need to be returned that were ordered online.

You know what I really want? I want to give it all to someone else and go, "You handle it. Make a decision and I will support it." I want a glass of wine and a nice view (maybe of some mountains...or the edge of a hot tub...or better yet, the mountains over the edge of a hot tub). I want a massage, a facial, and someone to give me a manicure (because I suck at doing my own nails).

Yes, this will do nicely. [Source]
I want to knit but I want the yarn to magically appear nicely wound in front of me and the needles to be the exact size and length that I need. I want to clear my head and stop rubbing my forehead so that it's not breaking out all the time.

With a 40 hour emotionally draining work week on top of everything else I feel like I'm losing the motivation to do anything. I'll handle this the same way I do everything else, by making a list and slowly chipping away at it. And somewhere in the middle I will suddenly find the will power to keep pushing ahead that I'm looking for. That or I will become so distraught that I will tear the list into a million pieces and burn it in a fit of rage. Or I might become overwhelmed and cry and then eat a bunch of ice cream while watching old episodes of The Muppet Show.

I don't know what kind of therapy this is but it works.
No matter what, I fear I will need medication by the end of it all.

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