Sunday, January 12, 2014

Moving Day

A little back story... Last year my parents informed me that my bedroom could no longer be Grand Central Station for Walking With Orphans. This was fine with me as I like to do things in my bedroom like walking, getting dressed, and sleeping and with the donations that were continuing to come in I was rapidly losing the ability to do such things. For 6 months I co-rented some space with our VP, Jonathan, in an office building in downtown Buford. It was a very quirky, hipster place with exposed beams and industrial blackout curtains.

It was a very nice space but I never used it very often. 1. Because it was a 45 minute drive from my house and 2. I really only needed the storage space. But it worked. Then Jonathan moved to New York. We decided to stay in the office space and took over rental responsibilities. That brings us up to present time.

The weekend before Christmas I got a call from Jonathan's assistant, Lindsie (we were still paying rent through her because technically the office was still in the Jonathan's name). The landlord for the office building had called Lindsie to tell her that he had rented out the entire floor and that we had to move. By the end of the year. That gave us a little less than a week and half to find, rent, and move to a new place. Oh and both Jonathan and I were not going to be in town after the 26th (I was headed to Romania and Jonathan was back to New York). Lindsie grappled with the landlord and eventually got him to concede to letting us move out by the 12th of January which would give us 3 weeks to find a new place. How kind of him.

After New Year's I tried (halfheartedly, I'll admit) to find a new space. I'd already been through this several times in the past year (once initially and then when Jonathan decided to move and we thought we might not be able to stay in the office) and I was already tired of just the thought of moving. In the end I rented a climate controlled U-Haul storage closet. Yesterday (Saturday) was moving day. Marissa (secretary, treasurer, operations manager, and general bad ass) came out and we loaded up my CR-V and her little sports car.
Yeah. Moving Day. (Please note the sarcasim.)
This is a totally safe way to travel. Right?
It only took one trip and we managed to get everything from the office to the storage unit. I should have taken a picture of the storage unit but it looks pretty much like a metal closet filled to the brim with boxes and bags. I'd love to say that I will get in there and organize it some day soon but frankly I'm over it for the moment. I've already made the executive decision that we're not moving for 6 months unless someone volunteers to move everything for us for free. At least it's done with and I'm taking today (Sunday) off as a reward (and to keep myself from going insane).

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