Monday, December 28, 2020

Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas from the Perghel family! We hope that this email update finds you well, rested, and ready for what 2021 has to bring!

This month has seen some small returns to "normal" life. I (Melissa) was able to do some therapy sessions via Zoom with the kids at Voluntari and Nicu continued to make repairs at Nenciulești. Including putting in a new hot water heater! We couldn't have done that without the love and gracious financial support from the members of Cochranton Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Cochranton, Pennsylvania.

Our brand new water heater!

A new ministry area that we have been able to take part in is having some of the kids come to church with us. While we aren't allowed into the orphanage, the kids have the chance to leave the orphanage. Several of them, of their own accord, have asked for permission slips to leave for the day and to come to church with us. We could not be more proud or excited to see the kids take this kind of initiative!

We often give the kids a ride home after church since it takes about an hour and half by public transport. Of course that also means they often get a detour to the mall or the team house in Pipera for some time to hang out.

This month culminated in the giving of Christmas gifts to the kids at the Periș, Voluntari, and Peticot orphanages. The members of AlfaOmega church in Bucharest provided enough stockings and gifts for all of the kids to get something special. It was amazing to finally see some of the kids after months apart. And the directors told us that we were the only organization to bring gifts to the kids this year which made the whole experience even more meaningful.

Handing out gifts at Periș. It has been about 3 months since we have had face to face interaction with many of the kids. It was great to see all of them again!
Gift giving at Peticot. Peticot is a special needs orphanage that is located on the grounds of the Periș orphanage. The two orphanages are separated by a chainlink fence and, in recent months, have been totally separated from one another. The kids were so very excited to have visitors and to receive gifts.

Handing out presents at Voluntari. We weren't allowed in any of the orphanages so we had to hand out gifts in the parking lot. This didn't stop the kids from coming to see us and give us hugs (and to pat my belly!).

What's Coming Up
We are hoping that in January we can begin taking some of the boys from the orphanages to come to Nenciulești to work with Nicu for a few days at a time. After talking with many of the boys we feel that it is probably best to wait until the fall to have them come live with us full-time. There may be a few exceptions to this as there are some boys who will turn 18 and have no where to go before October comes. We are continuing to pray for direction about this.

We are also praying that we will be able to start going into the orphanages again to work with the kids face to face. Having not had social interactions or contact with the outside world for months we have visibly seen a change in the kids, they no longer have any motivation or zest for life and many are suffering physically because they have simply stopped eating or doing physical activity. The kids desperately need the positive mental health benefits that come from social interactions.

How You Can Support Us
We continue to need lots of prayers for our family and our ministry:
  • That baby Oliver will continue to grow strong and healthy, that there will be no further issues or complications with the pregnancy, and that his shunts will stay in place.
  • Access to ministry sites.
  • The boys transition program.
  • Financial support. We need an additional $1200 a month in support to be able to continue with ministry. One time donations are also greatly appreciated as they help us with things like medical bills and household repairs.

If you would like to partner with us financially through Walking With Orphans please use one of the two links below. You can check out our Facebook group to receive updates on how close we are to reaching our goal as well as see how God is moving and working through us.

If you would like to make a financial contribution through PayPal please use the link below. The transaction will appear under “Eastern European and Russian Orphanages Project” (the official name of Walking With Orphans).

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