Monday, March 10, 2014

Cleaning My Plate

When I was a kid and I wasn't really loving what we were having for dinner my mom would say, "Take three more big bites." If my brother and I obliged we were allowed to be excused from the table. It always seemed to work. I'm thinking of applying this technique to my figurative "plate of life."

The first thing I'm taking off my plate is the Ravelry forum.
This is kind of what our forum looks like. My computer wouldn't let me grab a screenshot of our actual forum so this is just a random one from the web.
I have a hard time maintaining and keeping the conversations going on there so I'm turning it over to someone who has more time. I'll still be lurking on there but I hope the person who signs up to help is a more frequent poster than I am.

The other thing I'm trying to give up is some of the shipping and packing and organizing duties of Walking With Orphans.
A box of socks/slippers that needs more socks and slippers.
I had been really hopeful that we would get an intern for the fall. But as it turns out, though we had a willing participant, we didn't meet the criteria. They wanted an office with a desk (after we just got kicked out of our office in Buford) and someone there to monitor the intern 20+ hours each week. This would be about impossible since I work 40 hours a week (unless the intern liked working from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m every weekday plus weekends). My secretary/treasurer and office manager might have been a contender to help supervise (again, if we actually had an office) except that she has been fundraising for a new job and is almost at 100%. When she gets there then she'll be working full time as well.
Box awaiting more donations so it can be shipped off.
That being said, it doesn't diminish our need for someone to help us out. I'm thinking of posting some "job openings" on the website in the very near future. Who knows, maybe there is someone who needs volunteer hours for school. Or just likes to work for free.

That makes "two big bites" but I need a third. Probably something at my desk job since I can't exactly contract out my workout schedule (wouldn't that be awesome though? someone else works out for you and you get in shape...). We'll see what I can come up with...

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