Saturday, March 15, 2014

And Then, Suddenly, Knitting

I have no idea why the change in seasons would make me want to knit. Well, ok, I can see it if it was changing from summer to fall or fall to winter. But winter to spring? Why do I suddenly have a desire to KNIT ALL THE THINGS. I started a sweater and a blanket awhile ago and I have continued to work on those.

Sweater then...
And now. Almost finished with the first sleeve.
Blanket then...
And now. Still looks like a big snake but this has 2 panels finished and a 3rd half way done.
Laid out so you can see the panels better. My sister in law loved this and has claimed it for herself!
I also started and finished two hats and a scarf.

The first hat and the scarf were knit with 3 strands of yarn held together so they were thick and quick knits. Love those!

Even though I have several things "on the needles" I'm tempted to start something else. I found a "store" on Ravelry that has a bunch of free charity knits. I may have picked out another sweater, several hats, and a few pairs of mittens to knit. I'm also considering taking a class at Stitches South and several yarn shop hops have been planned for this spring. At the rate I'm going I may knit enough to outfit every child in each orphanage with a new piece of clothing!

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