Sunday, March 23, 2014

Counting My Blessings: Week 6

So, there have been quite a few blessings this week even though they got a little lost in other things. It was good to sit and think back on them today.

1. Giving a good presentation to my mom's small group on our trip to Romania.
2. Getting a note from my sweet boy, Iuli!
3. Not having to work a 12 hour day on Friday.
4. Not having to work on Saturday.
5. Leaving the windows open and letting in some fresh air.
6. Knowing that friend Elena is on her way to the States.
7. Having a great lunch with my friend Pam and her daughter Jamie and getting to talk about our kids half way around the world and what we can do for them.
8. Translating two paragraphs from English to Romanian and feeling pretty good about my ability to do so.
9. Eating some of my friend Christina's amazing nacho dip.
10. Having someone who cared enough about me to take me aside and ask me how I'm really doing.

In other news...ya'll pray for me. We start week two of our audit prep and I'm already beyond stressed. I had an emotional walk/talk with my mom tonight and she remarked that my work tends to take a toll on me very quickly. It does not bode well that by 9:15 tonight I was already peeved about something that had happened and I've been doing damage control for the last 45 minutes to make sure that everyone gets to work, gets their 12 hours, takes care of the things that need to be taken care of, and are able to go home and have a life.

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