Sunday, March 2, 2014

Counting my Blessings: Week 3

This week was kind of hectic and crazy. I'm a week behind in work at the office and I've got lots on my plate but I'm going to choose to focus on the positive. Here's my blessings from this past week:

1. Going to a wedding.

2. Attending a DFCS luncheon at work. I got to eat some good food and I got out of reading and auditing medical charts for a little while :)

3. Being asked to take on some new responsibilities at work. Though it means more admin tasks for me it also means that my bosses trust me.

4. Getting the ball rolling on a potential intern for the nonprofit.

5. Interesting dreams. I love to dream and the last few nights I've had some that I actually remembered.

6. A good Romanian lesson. All week I was stressed out because I wasn't really on top of my homework game. And I was struggling to understand some of the connecting words (on, at, towards, etc.). At my lesson on Saturday I was able to grasp some things that I had previously had trouble on. And my teacher didn't check all my homework :) She told me that next week we will spend half the time working on conversations and that I was getting to the point where I would no longer have to translate in my head. I was able to breathe a sigh of relief and I felt pretty good about things after that.

7. Granny smith apples. Mom picked some up at the store this week. They're my favorite and this batch was perfect! (Sometimes it's the little things.)

8.  Using my sand tray in play therapy for the first time. It was a hit!

9. Emailing with my Russian sister, Nastia. So glad I get to help her ministry out. We are both praying that we will meet each other in person soon. She is definitely my kindred spirit.

10. Making it through another week! I know this one is kind of a cop out but 1. this was a rough week and 2. sometimes you just have to appreciate the obvious stuff!

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