Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Reminder of Joy

Today I was reminded by God that, in the midst of the roller coaster of life, there are moments of shining joy.

Tonight I got to see the daughter of some long time family friends get married. As I watched the happy couple standing in front of my childhood pastor (another long time family friend) I had the striking thought that no matter where you are or what culture you are in or what is going on in the world, there are always weddings. There are always births. There are always celebrations. Even in the darkest of times God provides us with a shining ray of joy. A time for us to enjoy and be merry.
I think God provides these moments to remind us of His goodness. To remind us that He has not left us. That He wants us to enjoy life. That He doesn't want us to always be burdened to suffer or to lose hope.
These are the moments that we should revel in. We should taste and see that the Lord is good. Remember that He still cares for us. That He has not forgotten us. That there is good in this world and it was put there for us to enjoy.

I was glad I got that chance tonight.

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