Monday, March 31, 2014

Counting My Blessings: Week 7

A little late but better late than never...

Also... here's the rest if you want to catch up!

1. Getting to be a soccer mom.
George and Iuli are on the far left but I know and love all these boys! They won 3rd place in a local tournament!
2. My friend Christina's cooking. Especially her cheese dip. Which she made special for me a few weeks ago. And saved some when I couldn't stay to eat it then.
3. 90's alternative rock.
4. and 5. My boss and my supervisor. I've worked with people who were difficult to approach, didn't listen to your concerns, didn't practice what they preached, did things without explanation, punished you for your passions, were quick to judge and quicker to hand down judgment, and put unreasonable expectations on you. My boss and my supervisor are nothing like that. I love working with them and respect them for their patience and consideration when working with me.
6. My parents and their understanding when I've had a long, hard day and just want to take a bath go to sleep.
7. A home gym where I can get a quick work out in.
8.  This knitting pattern. Because sometimes life is too complicated for anything besides a dishcloth.
9. Central heating and air. I've needed both this week and it gets pretty miserable with only one or the other.
10. My loud and crazy family:

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