Monday, September 28, 2020

We're Moving!

Yes, that's right! We're leaving the city behind and moving to the country! In mid-October Nicu and I will be moving to Nenciulești, a small village about an hour and half south of Bucharest. Why would we do that? Because that is where the Heart to Heart boys transition program is located and Nicu will be taking over as the director of the program starting this fall! In the transition program we will housing boys who are 18 and older and have left the orphanage but want to learn a trade and may need some extra help transitioning from orphanage living into the real world. Nicu will be working with the boys to learn construction, welding, and other similar skills. I will help with the daily household management and helping the boys learn to cook and clean. The most important aspect of the program will be a daily Bible study and weekly involvement in the local church and with AlfaOmega church in Bucharest. I will also be helping my colleague, Wanetta, in Roșiori de Vede several days a week and both Nicu and I will be going back to Bucharest on the weekends to work with the kids at Periș, Voluntari, Casa Lidia, and Mia's Children. We anticipate a season of lots of changes, lots of work, and lots of adjusting but are very excited about this new adventure for our family!

Fun fact: The house that we will be living in was originally a cheese factory! It was renovated many years ago in order to house the boys transition program and now has seven bedrooms, four bathrooms (including one outdoors for use during our summer camps), a "club"/hang out space, a living room, a huge pantry, and dining and kitchen area. There is a second building on the property that holds a workshop/garage and four rooms that we use for housing campers and meeting spaces during summer camps. There are already plans underway to add a second story to the building for dorms!

Join us on the adventure!
We need a lot of support over the next few months as we prepare for this new ministry opportunity. The first way that you can support us is through prayer in the following specific areas:
  • Good health. There has been an increase in COVID-19 cases in Romania and several of our friends have become sick. Pray that we will have good health and not contract COVID-19.
  • The move to Nenciulești will go smoothly and that the old house we were living in will sell quickly.
  • Nicu will pass his driving test on the 8th of October. He will then have his driver's license which will be a HUGE help for us!
  • Nicu will get his visa to America. We have plans to travel to the States in November and pray that there will be no issues with getting his travel visa despite the current global situation.
  • New monthly supporters. We will be losing some of our monthly support at the end of this year and we still have a few hundred dollars that we need to raise to make sure Nicu is fully supported. He is first Romanian staff member to have raised all his support independently! All the other Romanian staff receive a portion of the funds that the American staff raise. We're very proud of the fact that Nicu has been able to raise his own support and it is even more important that he be fully funded as we enter into this next phase of our lives together; Nicu has officially quit his job at the auto body parts warehouse and October will be the first month we both live off a "missionary salary."

The second way that you can support us is through financial giving. We need funds to help cover the cost of Nicu's visa and plane ticket to the US, the taxes for the new car we are planning on purchasing, and the renovations that we need to make at Nenciulești. We need both monthly support and one time donations. If you would like to partner with us financially through Walking With Orphans please use one of the links below. You can check out our Facebook group to receive updates on how close we are to reaching our goal as well as see how God is moving and working through us.

If you would like to make a financial contribution through PayPal please use the link below. The transaction will appear under “Eastern European and Russian Orphanages Project” (the official name of Walking With Orphans).

You can also make a donation through our PayPal Giving Fund page:

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